The Women’s Legacy Project of Snohomish County, Washington seeks to honor our foremothers by recording and sharing their personal histories, their ability to adapt to the forces of change and their constant vigilance as stewards of the diverse cultures of our society.

This website is a collection of stories about the lives of women who lived in Snohomish County.  They are both typical and unique stories of life in newly developing and growing western state.  Those women included here are from many cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds. They worked in business, industry, government, schools, medicine and the military. Their accomplishments include creation of schools, hospitals, libraries, and churches. They were often leaders of community organizations that provided social “safety nets ” but they could also be recipients of community services. And as always, they were central to the invaluable creation of homes and the nurturing of families.

This website is made possible with the creative collaboration of the original Women’s Legacy Group which meets on occasion to consider new stories.  Funds that were raised are held by the League of Snohomish County Heritage Organizations for the group for future stories and interpretive projects.

Original funders included:
Everett Public Library Northwest Room
Washington Women’s History Consortium
City of Everett, Washington
League of Snohomish County Heritage Organizations.
Henry M. Jackson Foundation
Community Foundation of Snohomish County which at the time of funding was known as Greater Everett Community Foundation.

We are accepting submissions for additional stories so if you know of a person who you would like to consider writing about and featuring, please fill out the form on the right and submit it to us and we will talk it over with you. Thanks

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