Ruth Morrice

Full Time Career Postal Worker ~ 1902-1973

By Sandra Schumacher
During her long career as a postal clerk at Alderwood Manor, Ruth Morrice witnessed mail delivery from the horse-drawn, red wagon to air mail. In the early days there were inkwells to be filled, and all work was done by hand, including making money orders. Until the mid-1930s, all dollar bills were counted and serial numbers listed by hand as well.

Everett Herald photo, 4/1/1965
Everett Herald photo, 4/1/1965

Miss Morrice welcomed modernization. She liked to say that she loved the past, but “did not live in it.” In fact, she wanted to work for the United States Post Office “as long as possible, and never retire.”

Her own past actually made her a historical figure. She was born December 13, 1902 in a log cabin on the family homestead. They were one of the first white families in the area. She spent her entire life on that homestead, which became Alderwood Manor. Hers was a life full of both travel and community service. She saw the entire continent of North America, from Alaska to Mexico. She was a member of the Eastern Star, and served as their secretary for over forty years.
Everett Herald photo, 4/1/1965

Ruth Morrice never married, yet always seemed to have a house full of children, including grandnieces, grandnephews and children of friends. She loved music and was as proud of her record collection as she was of her beautiful garden.

At the end of her life she lived in a home that was bordered by some of the last remaining woods in Alderwood Manor. At the time, her cousins owned the nearby wildlife sanctuary. Loving and loved in return by her family and her community, Miss Ruth Morrice passed away on February 4, 1973.

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Sources: The Everett Herald
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